Image of Bird Warrior Doodle
  • Image of Bird Warrior Doodle

Bird Warrior Doodle


6.5 inch x 6.5 inch
White Cut Paper Scrap
Pen and Ink Original Art
Signed and Dated by Gregg Gordon

This is a one of a kind Original Ink Doodle.

This one was drawn on a scrap piece of paper.
There are some pencil lines drawn on the back.
The paper is not cut perfectly. Has been handled.

It is what it is. Sale Final. Not mint.

These past few months I have gotten into trying out new techniques, pens, ideas and putting them down as ink doodles. I document them by showing the full time lapse drawing on videos that you can see on my Instagram Page (@gigartsf).

I am offering some of these Original Ink Doodles. There is only one of them, and it can be yours.

You would own the Original Ink Drawing only.
You would not have the rights to use this artwork in any way, for sale or other.