Image of Jets To Brazil Poster 2003

Jets To Brazil Poster 2003

$150.00 / Sold Out

Size: 18 inch x 24 inch
6 color silk screen
Paper: White

This poster was created for the band Jets To Brazil.
They played with the Retisonic And The Love Scene at the Metro in Chicago in 2003.

This is an old poster that is almost sold out.

The band got their name from a print that was featured in the movie, Breakfast At Tiffany's. That image has been redrawn and silk screened to make this poster. This band was started by the lead vocalist and guitarist Blake Schwarzenbach of Jawbreaker.

Signed and numbered by Gregg Gordon of a series of 200.

Whether you are a fan of the band, or just a fan of the artwork, this is a nice print to add to your wall.