Image of Moonalice - Havana 2015

Moonalice - Havana 2015


Size: 12.75 x 17.25 inch
Offset Lithograph
Signed Artist Copies by Gregg Gordon of GIGART available.

Gregg Gordon of GIGART designed this psychedelic classic for the show Friday, May 15, 2015 at the Havana New Hope with Brothers Keeper & Doobie Decibel System!

According to Moonalice legend, the Bassett hounds is the official hound of the Moonalice tribe. Some would say that we see ourselves in bassetts … with their huge ears and feet, droopy jowls, and loose skin. Tonight’s poster by Gregg Gordon provides the real story … with genuine evidence of a legendary kind. Moonalice archaeologists were rooting around in the cellar here at Havana when they found a painting on the wall. It depicted Pokito Moonalice, the half bassett/half god whose dancing brought new hope to hippies along the Northeast Extension. Pokito’s brand of new hope consisted of fine weed and fine music,
energized by the occasional hoagie … He is the spirit beneath Havana, so we recommend you take two puffs and then pass.