Image of Yeah Yeah Yeahs 2009 Poster
  • Image of Yeah Yeah Yeahs 2009 Poster

Yeah Yeah Yeahs 2009 Poster


This poster has been sold out for some time and are offering a couple artist copies this holiday. Grab one while you can.

** These copies do have one imperfection. **
The bottom right corner in the white boarder has a small crease.
It can be framed out, but all of the remaining prints have that...


Size: 18 inch x 24 inch
4 color silk screen
Signed by Gregg Gordon / GIGART

This poster was created for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
They were on the main stage at the Bay Area Radio Station, Live 105's summer concert, BFD09.

There was a royalty theme, and they were the Queen.